TallPoppy Header Exercises

The goal was to start with some basic information and apply some specific concepts to it ie.

TallPoppy Wide-Sliced

This uses a half dozen slices of a Adobe Photoshop developed image to create what seems like a seemless single image. This is done so that when the cursor hovers over specific menu items the hover css can be used to swap the desired part of the image with one in its highlighted state.

The images used are high resolution and are best viewed on higher resolution computers. If this is not an option the user should try zooming out or simply using the scroll bar if it appears on the bottom of the window.

TallPoppy Narrow-Unsliced

This is a narrow alternative to the above sliced image but not sliced and therefore not reactive to the cursor hovering. Percentage max-width is used to hopefully allow this image to show in its entirety on any browser.

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