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The Spud Poets Awards

The Spud Poets Award is being held for the seventh time at the Lake School in 2012. Watch Mary Fiorini-Lowell perform The Humble Spud. Filmed by Australian film maker and lake School Tutor, Ray Argall, at Lake School January 2009


The previous winners were Chris Healy with Mas-cav-enger in 2006, Harry Reed with Spud Train in 2007, Francis Duggan with Old Casey in 2008, and Clare Milesi with Soda Scones in 2009 and and Bless Me Father...in 2010, and Seamus Foley with The Hills of Lurg in 2011. This year no prior application form will be necesary. Enrolled Lake School students simply bring their poem or poems along to Micky Bourke's Hotel for a 9pm start on Tuesday January 4 2012. Each poem has an entry fee of $15 and application forms will be available on the night. The rules are that each poem must have an optimum word count of 300 words or less and have a celtic connection in topic, theme or style. The judges ruling will be final and all contestants are bound to accept the judges ruling in good humour and with good sportsmanship.

The Lake School wishes to thank Bill Clohesy for providing the trophy which lists the names of the winners and is kept at Micky Bourke's Hotel, Koroit.

Winning prizemoney $1000

The Spud Poets Award is sponsored by Ausmed Publications


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